Advanced class solutions for instrumentation  and industrial control

Our philosophy

Here in  Anil S.P  we dedicated ourselves to secure up to date, smart solutions for instrumentation, telemetry, industrial automation and control.


Do you care about accuracy and reliability ?

Do you care about manageability and ease of use ?

Do you care about your time and resources  ?

And do  you care about working with a company that takes great pleasure in design and innovation ?


if you do then we believe we're all in this together

Who we are / What we do



Anil Sanat Pishro Co., Ltd. brought together young and experienced specialists to design and supply high-end and affordable solutions tailored for industrial applications.

From production of sophisticated smart devices for instrumentation and industrial control and implementing reliable telemetry and SCADA Infrastructure to providing expert customer support and services, we are ready to answer your demand for quality.