Advanced class solutions for instrumentation  and industrial control

Telemetry System cloud service

Anil.S.P group is proud to present you with advanced and reliable  online telemetry system. our line of device series with integrated GSM/GPRS and powerful roaming capabilities are ready to send and store valuable  data from industrial and tech facilities to our cloud system in blink of an eye.

with our provided service, data monitoring and analysis is no headache but pleasure. any time and any where no matter what device or platform is used.

Not only measured data but also monitoring of device status and environment information such as environment temperature, network signal quality, battery status is featured on:

Automation and industrial control systems

Our team of engineers  skilled in implementing smart and durable industrial automation systems, our  solutions are ready for various industrial control system applications. programmable digital output triggers and ModBus serial output  are equipped the smart devices with weapons to communicate with pumps, valves, power management systems and PLC systems.

Try us and we will prove you that automation control system implementation has never been so easy.

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Wired, wireless and hybrid based SCADA

Consultation, Design, implementation and maintenance of industrial supervisory control and data acquisition systems is a sensitive and professional task.

Anil.S.P have the expertise needed to do the job from smaller to large industrial systems.

high quality, High reliability,  and yet cost effective.


Who we are / What we do



Anil Sanat Pishro Co., Ltd. brought together young and experienced specialists to design and supply high-end and affordable solutions tailored for industrial applications.

From production of sophisticated smart devices for instrumentation and industrial control and implementing reliable telemetry and SCADA Infrastructure to providing expert customer support and services, we are ready to answer your demand for quality.