Advanced class solutions for instrumentation  and industrial control

Test and Calibration

Laboratory experiment results are nothing if not about measured data.

Modern lab measurement devices has specific features. extreme precision and reliability along with fast response.

High flexibility makes our solutions ready for your exiting scientific adventures .

Our special laboratory edition devices for pressure, level, flow, temperature and... measurement, are easily the suitable and cost effective solution for your scientific demand.





- Highly flexible, selectable measurement unit and easy calibration

- Advanced internal data logger with fast and easy setup

- Data collection with SD Card

- Advanced and smart alarm generation

- Measurement precision

- 24 Hours on integrated backup battery for AC powered devices

- Water proof casing available


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Who we are / What we do



Anil Sanat Pishro Co., Ltd. brought together young and experienced specialists to design and supply high-end and affordable solutions tailored for industrial applications.

From production of sophisticated smart devices for instrumentation and industrial control and implementing reliable telemetry and SCADA Infrastructure to providing expert customer support and services, we are ready to answer your demand for quality.